Download iOS 17 CarPlay Wallpapers [2K Resolution]

iOS 17 CarPlay Wallpapers

Apple has recently launched iOS 17, introducing a wide range of new features, improvements, and stunning iOS 17 wallpapers. Apple recently released iOS 17 Developer Beta 2, bringing more polished features and enhancements, including a fresh set of iOS 17 CarPlay wallpapers.

Are you excited to explore and apply these new wallpapers to your CarPlay interface? Well, let’s jump into this post and download iOS 17 CarPlay Wallpaper in 2K Resolutions!

Quick Overview

To refresh your CarPlay interface with iOS 17 wallpapers, simply connect your iPhone to CarPlay, tap the App Grid button, open Settings, select Wallpaper, choose a wallpaper, and tap Set to apply it.

iOS 17 CarPlay Wallpapers

With the release of iOS 17 Developer Beta 2, Apple unveiled new wallpapers for CarPlay, adding a touch of freshness to your in-car infotainment system. These wallpapers are designed to complement both dark and light modes, automatically shifting their appearance based on your settings.

Types of iOS 17 CarPlay Wallpapers:

iOS 17 Multicolor iOS 17 Light Wallpaper CarPlay
iOS 17 Multicolor iOS 17 Dark Wallpaper CarPlay
iOS 17 Light Blue Wallpaper CarPlay
iOS 17 Dark Blue Wallpaper CarPlay
iOS 17 Light Gray Wallpaper CarPlay
iOS 17 Dark Gray Wallpaper CarPlay
iOS 17 Light Orange Wallpaper CarPlay
iOS 17 Dark Orange Wallpaper CarPlay

How to apply CarPlay Wallpapers

  1. Plug your iPhone into your vehicle using a USB to Lightning cable.
  2. Tap the App Grid button on the bottom-left corner of the CarPlay screen.
  3. Select the “Settings” app.
  4. Tap the “Wallpaper” option in the Settings menu.
  5. Choose a wallpaper. You’ll see a live preview on your head unit.
  6. If you like the wallpaper, tap “Set”. If not, tap “Cancel” and select a different wallpaper.

The new fresh set of wallpapers in iOS 17 Developer Beta 2, gives your CarPlay interface a stylish makeover. By following the above steps, you can effortlessly apply these wallpapers and experience a new look whenever you connect your iPhone to your car.