iOS 16.7.3 RC Update: Features, Bugs & Battery Life

iOS 16 Update

The iOS 16 update debuts a ton of new features and enhancements for iPhones, giving users greater convenience and security. Apple is pushing out the iOS 16 update in three distinct forms: Stable, Beta, and Developer Beta. The Beta and Developer Beta versions are released weekly, while the Stable version rolls out once all bugs and issues from the Beta versions are sorted out.

Quick Tips: If you’re interested in trying the Public Beta version, you’ll need to sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program and follow the provided directions to download and install the beta profile on your iPhone.

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iOS 16.7.3 RC Update

The iOS 16.7.3 RC, labeled as build number 10H232, was released on December 5, 2023. This update comes with a significant size of 4.83 GB and includes an updated modem firmware version 2.70.01.

Release Notes:

  • Important bug fixes and Security updates.
iOS 16.7.3 RC update
Build NameiOS 16.7.3 RC
Build Number10H232
Update Size4.83 GB
Modem Firmware2.70.01
Release DateDecember 5, 2023

iOS 16.6 Changes & Issues

On July 24th, 2023, Apple rolled out the considerable iOS 16.6 Stable update for its iPhone users. This update addresses an impressive 25 security vulnerabilities that had an impact on real-world attacks. Arriving hot on the heels of the iOS 16.5.1 (c) update, iOS 16.6 aims to iron out all the vulnerabilities that persisted.

We strongly urge you to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 16.6 as a measure to safeguard your device. The update carries the build number iOS 16.6 (20G75) and updates the modem firmware to 3.80.01.

Here’s what you can expect from the changes:

  1. Apple News: Introduces a new “Share Game” feature for Score Cards.
  2. Kernel alterations affect a multitude of iPhone applications.
  3. Apple Pay Later: Now accessible to a wider base of iPhone users within the Wallet app.
  4. Fresh Recovery Key Prompts.
iOS 16.6 Changes

iOS 16.5.1 Update

On June 21, 2023, Apple released a stable version of iOS 16.5.1, focusing on fixing various bugs and issues. The latest build number is 20F75, and the modem firmware has been updated to version 2.70.01.

One significant improvement in this update is the full compatibility of the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter with iPhones. In iOS 16.5, this adapter can’t support or work with iPhones, making it essentially useless. However, Apple has addressed this problem and made the necessary fixes, enabling the adapter to work smoothly with iPhones and also allowing for device charging.

iOS 16.5.1 Update
Build NameiOS 16.5.1
Build Number20F75
Modem Firmware2.70.01
Update Size260.7 MB
Release Date21st June 2023
Geekbench ScoresSingle-core: 2348
Multi-core: 5808
Features– Security Patch Update
– Improved Battery Life
Fixes– Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter Now Works
– Security Bugs Fixed

Stable iOS 16.5 Update

On May 18, 2023, Apple rolled out a stable iOS 16.5 update with build number 20F66, marking the latest iOS update. This final stable update has been distributed to all users worldwide. The firmware size is notably larger at 800.9MB, reflecting the comprehensive tweaks and improvements made. The modem firmware stays the same as the previous beta at 1.70.02.

Apple iOS 16.5 Public Build
Build NameiOS 16.5
Build Number20F66
Modem Firmware1.70.02
Update Size800.9 MB
Release Date18th May 2023
Geekbench ScoresSingle-core: 2614
Multi-core: 6042
Features1) New Sports Tab in Apple News
2) New “Pride Celebration” wallpaper
Fixes1) Fixes Spotlight’s unresponsive
2) CarPlay Podcasts not loading content

iOS 16.5 RC 2 Update

On May 15, 2023, Apple rolled out iOS 16.5 RC 2 with build number 20F66, showcasing the latest enhancements to the iOS operating system. This final beta update was released to both developers and public beta testers.

Although no major changes were found in this update, Emergency SOS via satellite has now been enabled on the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max models for users in Australia and New Zealand. This feature is eagerly awaited and will surely ramp up the safety functionality of these devices.

iOS 16.5 RC 2 Update
Build NameiOS 16.5 RC 2
Build Number20F66
Modem Firmware1.70.02
Update Size234.1 MB (on iPhone 14 Pro Max)
Release Date15th May 2023
Geekbench ScoresSingle-core: 2514
Multi-core: 6142
FeaturesEmergency SOS via satellite has been enabled for Australia and New Zealand.
FixesFixed Camera capture auto HDR Photos
BugsNotifications appear to be delayed and laggy, and the Health app crashes.

iOS 16.5 RC Update

On May 10, 2023, Apple rolled out iOS 16.5 RC (Release Candidate) with build number 20F65, introducing a slew of improvements and new features to the iOS operating system. These include new wallpaper and animation, an updated search tab in the Apple Sports app, as well as crucial bug fixes for Spotlight and Screen Time settings.

iOS 16.5 RC Update
Build NameiOS 16.5 RC
Build Number20F65
Modem Firmware1.70.02
Update Size5.47 GB (on iPhone 14 Pro Max)
Release Date10th May 2023
Geekbench ScoresSingle-core: 2517
Multi-core: 6065
FeaturesIdentify an issue where Podcasts in CarPlay may not load content properly
FixesResolved an issue causing Spotlight to become unresponsive
Addressed a problem where Screen Time Settings might reset or fail to sync across all devices
BugsIdentified an issue where Podcasts in CarPlay may not load content properly

iOS 16.5 Developer Beta 4 Update

On May 3, 2023, Apple released iOS 16.5 Developer Beta 4 with build number 20F5059a, delivering a variety of refinements and additions to the mobile operating system. The latest beta version includes a modem firmware of 1.70.02.

iOS 16.5 Developer Beta 4
Build NameiOS 16.5 Beta 4
Build Number20F5059a
Modem Firmware1.70.02
Update Size403 MB (on iPhone 14 Pro Max)
Release Date3rd May 2023
Geekbench ScoresSingle-core: 2518
Multi-core: 6249
Features1) Widgets are now working properly
BugsSome security-related issues have been fixed

Security Response iOS 16.4.1 (a) Update

For the first time ever, Apple has released a security patch with an alphanumeric label for all iPhones. The Security Response iOS 16.4.1 (a) update, which was launched on May 1st, 2023, weighs in at 85.5 MB. Apple now provides incremental security updates to bolster device privacy and address security concerns. However, many iPhone users have encountered a significant error during the download process: “Unable to Verify Security Response.” This issue may be attributed to technical issues or regional restrictions.

Security Response iOS 16.4.1 (a) Update
Build NameiOS Security Response 16.4.1 (a)
Build Number20E772520a
Modem Firmware1.67.04
Update Size85.8 MB (on iPhone 14 Pro Max)
Release Date1st May 2023
Features1) Security improvements between software updates
BugsUnable to Verify Security Response

How to fix the Unable to Verify Security Response iOS update?

Currently, the error message displayed during the iOS Update reads “iOS Security Response failed verification because you are no longer connected to the Internet.” To resolve this issue, check your internet connection, either via Wi-Fi or cellular data. In many cases, this error occurs outside the US, indicating a possible regional issue. Apple is expected to rectify this problem soon, allowing you to update your device promptly.

Unable to Verify Security Response iOS 16.4.1 (a) update

iOS 16.5 Developer Beta 2 Update

Apple launched the iOS 16.5 Developer Beta 2 on April 12, 2023, with build number 20F5039e. This update brings numerous enhancements and updates. With a modem firmware of 1.70.01 and an update size of 565 MB for iPhone 14 Pro Max users, this update promises to provide developers with a seamless testing experience as they navigate new features and improvements.

iOS 16.5 Developer Beta 2 Update
Build NameiOS 16.5 Developer Beta 2
Build Number20F5039e
Modem Firmware1.70.01
Update Size565 MB (on iPhone 14 Pro Max)
Release Date12th April 2023
Geekbench ScoresSingle-core: 2522
Multi-core: 6308
Notable Features1) Update download with <50% battery
2) AirPods firmware update pushed
3) Activity widgets in the Game Center app

iOS 16.4.1 Update

On April 7, 2023, Apple rolled out a stable iOS 16.4.1 update with build number 20E252. The update brought a series of enhancements for users, featuring a modem firmware version of 1.67.04. With a size of 298.5 MB.

iOS 16.4.1 Update
Build NameiOS 16.4.1
Build Number20E252
Modem Firmware1.67.04
Update Size298.5 MB (on iPhone 14 Pro Max)
Release Date7th April 2023
Geekbench ScoresSingle-core: 2523
Multi-core: 6152
Notable Features1) New AirPods Update
2) Accidental Battery Life Test
3) Activity widgets in the Game Center app
4) Multiple New YouTube Features
5) Spotify Widget
6) Domino’s Pizza on CarPlay

iOS 16.5 Developer Beta 1 Update

On March 29, 2023, Apple introduced iOS 16.5 Developer Beta 1, having build number 20F5028e. The update included a modem firmware version 1.70.00 and was 5.46 GB in size for iPhone 14 Pro Max users.

iOS 16.5 Developer Beta 1 Update
Build NameiOS 16.5 Developer Beta 1
Build Number20F5028e
Modem Firmware1.70.00
Update Size5.46 GB (on iPhone 14 Pro Max)
Release Date29th March 2023
Geekbench ScoresSingle-core: 2523
Multi-core: 6355
Notable Features1) Screen recording via Siri
2) Sports tab on Apple News
3) Apple Pay Later via Wallet
4) Shared admin at Apple home
BugsLock screen notification bug

iOS 16 Features

iOS 16 introduced several new features and improvements:

  • Advanced Data Protection: With the iOS 16 release, Apple debuted end-to-end encryption for enhanced data protection, initially available in the US with plans to expand globally. This feature can be enabled under Settings > iCloud > Toggle on Advanced Data Protection.
iOS 16 Advance Data Protection feature
  • Freeform App: A new Freeform app was introduced with the iOS 16.2 update, allowing users to share and collaborate on projects with up to 99 friends.
Freeform App
  • 5G Network: iOS 16 brings 5G Network support to all regions where 5G is available.
5G Network Connectivity
  • AirDrop Time Limit: An added feature allows users to limit AirDrop availability to 10 minutes.
AirDrop Everyone for 10 minutes feature
  • Sleep and Medication Widgets: The introduction of new sleep and medication widgets on the lock screen enables users to track their sleep patterns and set medication schedules with reminders.
Sleep and medications Widgets
  • Show IP Address on Safari: This feature gives users the option to display their IP address on trusted websites, providing more control over data privacy.
iOS 16 update Show IP Address feature
  • Physical Security Key: Starting with iOS 16.3 beta 1, a Physical Security Key feature added an additional layer of security, accessible through Settings > Apple Profile > Password & Security > Add Security Keys.
iOS 16 Physical Security Key
  • Apple Music Sing Karaoke: This feature allows users to control vocals and sing along with their favorite artists through the Apple Music app. To use Apple Music Sing Karaoke, follow these steps:
    • Open the Apple Music App.
    • Search for your favorite song.
    • Tap the “Lyrics” button at the bottom left of the screen.
    • The lyrics will appear on the screen, and sync with the music. Sing along and enjoy your karaoke experience.
How to Use Apple Music Sing for Karaoke on iPhone

How to Download iOS 16 Update on iPhone

To download the iOS 16 update on your iPhone, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update and tap on “Download and Install” when the update appears.

How to Download iOS 16 Update on iPhone


In conclusion, the iOS 16 update brought a range of new features and improvements to enhance the user experience, from interactive widgets to enhanced privacy controls. Whether you are a developer or an early adopter, iOS 16 has something for everyone.