How to Save Voice Messages to Voice Memos on iPhone in iOS 17

Save to Voice Memo on iPhone

Hey, Apple enthusiast! Are you aware of how to save voice messages to voice memos on your iPhone? In today’s post, I’m going to demonstrate how you can keep your voice messages in voice memos using the latest iOS 17 update. This new feature is incredibly convenient for permanently storing audio messages on your device. Let’s dive into the post and explore how it works.

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What is Save to Voice Memos in iOS 17?

Save to Voice Memos” in iOS 17 is a fresh feature in the iPhone’s Messages app. With this function, you can save voice messages that you send to others, directly in your iPhone’s Voice Memos. If you need to keep significant voice messages for future reference, this feature will be valuable.

Before we get into the steps, you’ll have to tweak some settings in your iPhone’s Messages app. These adjustments will enable you to keep your voice recordings indefinitely. By default, your iPhone deletes voice messages after 2 minutes, so follow these steps first to remove that expiration limit:

  • Open the iPhone Settings app and navigate to the Messages settings.
Open messages settings on iPhone
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap on “Expire” under the Audio Messages section.
Change Audio Messages Expire time
  • Change the default “After 2 Minutes” option toNever.”
set Audio messages expire time to never

That’s it! Now your messages will be stored permanently in your library. Prior to iOS 17, you could only choose between 2 minutes or 1 year, but with iOS 17, they can be saved indefinitely.

How to Save Voice Messages to Voice Memos on iPhone

  • Open the Messages app and select your conversation.
Select Conversation on iPhone Messages app
  • Tap on the “+” icon to open the App drawer.
Tap on the + icon to open messages app drawer
To send voice message click on Audio in iMessage
  • Record your voice message, and click on the stop icon to end the recording.
Record your Audio to send voice message
  • Once your recording is complete, tap the small blue arrow to send the voice message.
Send Blue arrow to send voice message
  • Afterward, tap and hold your voice message and click on the “Save to Voice Memos” option to save your voice messages into Voice Memos.
Save to Voice Memos on iPhone

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How to View Saved Voice Memos on iPhone?

Wondering where your saved voice message is? To check, follow these steps:

Open Voice Memos on iPhone
  • Look for your recently downloaded voice message.
Audio Message save in Voice Memos

Can You Save Voice Messages Sent by Others?

Currently, in the iOS 17 update, there’s no option to save voice messages from others directly to Voice Memos. However, you can use alternative methods like activating screen recording from the iPhone’s control center and playing the voice message you want to save. Then, you can extract the audio from the video using various online tools.

Wrap Up…

So, with these methods, you can directly save your voice messages to Voice Memos using the iOS 17 update. Previously, you could only save voice messages to your iPhone’s files, but now you can share them with others and keep them permanently in your default Voice Memos app.