How to Use Memories As Screen Saver on Apple TV [tvOS 17]

How to Use Memories As Screen Saver on Apple TV

Apple’s tvOS 17 brings an exciting new twist to your big screen with the introduction of Memories as screen saver on Apple TV. It’s more than just a photo slideshow; it’s a personalized way to relive your favorite moments right on your TV. If you’ve been looking for something fresh and engaging for your Apple TV’s idle time, you’re in the right place.

Say goodbye to generic screen savers on Apple TV! With tvOS 17’s Memories, you can customize your screen saver like never before. Read on to learn how to turn your favorite photos and memories As Screen Saver into a personalized TV experience.

Things to keep in mind

Planning to save images for Apple TV? Make sure they look their best! Here’s what Apple suggests, in simple terms:

  • Use a shape that fits your TV screen. That’s a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Make the pictures big and clear, using a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

Note: Go for high-quality, sharp images that’ll look great on your TV.

Set Memories As Screen Saver on Apple TV

If you’ve used Apple’s Photos app, you might know about Memories. It’s a fun feature that turns your photos and videos into mini-movies, complete with music! Want to use these Memories as a screen saver on your Apple TV with tvOS 17? It’s a breeze, and we’ll show you how to do it:

  • Turn on your TV, and head over to the App Library to open the Settings app. Once you’re in Settings, go ahead and click to open “General” Settings.
Set Memories As Screen Saver on Apple TV 1
  • Next, use the down button on your remote to find the “Screen Saver” settings and click to open.
Set Memories As Screen Saver on Apple TV 2
  • Now, find and click on “Type“. (Your screen saver is probably set to Aerial if you’re using tvOS 17.)
Set Memories As Screen Saver on Apple TV 3
  • From there, click on “My Photos“.
Set Memories As Screen Saver on Apple TV 4
  • Here’s where the magic happens: select and open “Memories“.
Set Memories As Screen Saver on Apple TV 5
  • Give it a minute or two to load up your Memories as a screen saver. Then tap on the “OK” button in the popup that appears.
Set Memories As Screen Saver on Apple TV 6

Soon, every time your TV goes into standby mode, your cherished Memories will pop up on the screen.

Personalizing Apple TV Memories Screen Saver Settings

So you’ve picked Photos or Home Sharing to get your pictures on Apple TV, and now you want to see them as a screen saver? Cool! Let’s go over the different settings to get it just right:

  1. Start After: This is all about timing. Want to wait a bit before the screen saver kicks in? You can set a delay for up to 30 minutes.
  2. Show During Music and Podcasts: If you flip this to Yes, your screen saver will jump into action while you’re jamming to music or tuning into podcasts.
  3. Preview: Curious to see how it’ll look. This option lets you take a sneak peek at your screen saver. If something’s off, tweak it till it’s perfect.
Personalizing Apple TV Memories Screen Saver Settings

And that’s it! Play around with these settings to make your Apple TV screen saver truly yours.


How do I set my photos as a screensaver on Apple TV?

On your Apple TV: Go to Settings > Select General > Screen Saver > Type > My Photos and choose or select your photo.

Can I add a video to my Apple TV screen saver?

Yes, go to Settings > General > Screen Saver > Themes > Select a video theme.


Want to make your TV more personal and fun? Using Memories as a screen saver on Apple TV is the one way to make your TV attractive. It’s like having your favorite photo album come to life on your big screen. This guide showed you how to set it up, and it’s super easy! Give it a try, and watch your best memories play whenever your TV takes a break.

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