iOS 17: How to Link Notes Inside Note on iPhone

How to Link Notes Inside Note on iPhone in iOS 17

In iOS 17 update, Apple unveiled a nuanced yet highly useful feature in its Notes app: the ability to link notes within Notes. This update allows you to connect various notes and related content within a single note, ensuring interlinking and improved organization. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to activate and Use this feature on your iPhone.

While drafting a “Summer Vacation Plans” note on your iPhone, you decide to reference a prior note named “Beach Destinations”. Instead of copying its content, you simply link to “Beach Destinations” using iOS 17’s new feature. This allows instant access between the related notes with just a tap.

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What is Link Notes Inside Note (Note-linking) on Apple Notes?

In iOS 17, Apple introduced a feature in the Notes app that allows users to link one note to another. While in iOS 16 you could add website links to your notes, this new update enables you to also link to other notes created within the app.

This feature aims is organize and connect your notes, making them more accessible for future reference. For instance, in a note titled “Things to Buy,” you can now link to older notes like “Vegetables” or “Groceries.” This way, with a single tap, you can access these linked notes.

  • To add links to other notes in Notes, Launch the Notes app on your iPhone. Navigate to and select the note where you want to create a hyperlink.
select your Note in apple notes
  • Tap on the desired text segment and select the text that you want to convert into a hyperlink.
select the text to convert into a hyperlink
  • In the overflow bubble, Tap on the small arrow icon (>) that appears.
tap on arrow button
  • Then select “Add Link“.
tap on add link to link notes
  • In the “Link To” text box, start typing the name/title of the note you wish to link. Select the desired note from the dropdown.
Select the desired note
  • Toggle on “Use Note Title as Name” if you want the hyperlink to display the linked note’s title. Otherwise, keep your originally selected text.
enable use note title as name toggle
  • Once satisfied, tap “Done” in the top right corner.
tap on done to Link Notes Inside Note

Repeat these steps as needed to link multiple notes.

What Happens When You Link a Note in iOS 17’s Notes App?

When you link Notes to an older note, the chosen text turns yellow with an underline. Simply tap the highlighted text to open the linked note. You can embed numerous linked notes in a single note.

link Notes to an older note

With return links, seamlessly toggle between the main note and its linked notes, avoiding manual searches in the app.

How to Remove Linked Notes in iOS 17’s Notes App

  • Launch the Notes app and open the desired note. Double-tap the hyperlink you want to remove.
  • Choose “Remove Link” from the options presented.
Remove Linked Notes on iphone

You can also remove a link by following these steps: double-click on the link, select “Edit Link,” and then click on “Remove Link” at the bottom.

edit Linked Notes on iphone

Link Your Notes…

That’s it! After reading this post, you should be well-acquainted with the latest enhancements in the Apple Notes app. While this feature might not cater to everyone’s needs, it’s undeniably beneficial for avid Note users. Let us know in the comments below whether you find this feature useful.