How to Clear Safari History for Specific Duration on iPhone in iOS 17

Clear Safari History for Specific Duration on iPhone

The iOS 17 update has brought a host of new features to Safari users on iPhone. One standout feature is the ability to manage or Clear Safari History for Specific Duration, rather than having to delete your entire history. In this blog post, we’ll show how to manage your Safari browsing history for a specific time frame.

For example, this option is an ideal solution for those looking to free up some space on iPhones or who want to keep their browsing habits more private. Dive into this handy guide, and discover how iOS 17 is changing the way we manage our online footprint.

Clear Safari History for Specific Duration in iOS 17

You can manage and clear Safari history for a specific duration in iOS 17 to the Settings app and to the Safari browser. Here, we explain both ways:

Via Settings App

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and navigate to “Safari“.
Open Safari settings on iPhone
  • Tap on “Clear History and Website Data“.
Tap on clear history and website data
  • Next, select the specific duration you want to clear, such as Last Hour, Today, Today and Yesterday, or All History.
Select Timeframe for Clear Safari History for Specific Duration
  • You can also choose the Safari profile whose history you want to clean up.
select your Safari profile
  • Finally, tap Clear History at the bottom, and you’re all set!
click on clear history to Clear Safari History of Specific Profiles

Via the Safari Browser

  • Open the Safari browser on your iPhone and tap on the “Bookmarks button” on the bottom navigation bar.
Tap on Bookmarks button
  • In the pop-up that appears, tap the History tab (symbolized by a clock glyph) on the navigation bar.
Click on Saafari History tab
  • In the history tab, swipe from right to left on the entry you want to remove, then tap the “Remove” button.
Tap on remove button for clear Safari history


What durations can I select when clearing Safari history in iOS 17?

You can clear Safari history for specific durations such as the Last Hour, Today, Today and Yesterday, or All History, allowing you to choose the time frame that best suits your needs.

Can I clear Safari history for a specific profile in iOS 17?

Yes. In iOS 17, you have the option to choose and clear Safari profile history if you want to clean up, giving you more control over the data you clear.

That’s it! My dear friend, With these simple and easy methods, you can easily manage and clear your Safari browsing history for specific durations in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. Utilize these tools to keep your browsing experience clutter-free and more private.

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