9 Pro Tips to Free Up Space on Your iPhone Using iOS 17

Every iPhone user encounters the “storage almost full” notification at some point. It’s exasperating, especially when you don’t want to lose valuable data. However, several effective methods can help clear up your iPhone storage without having to erase everything. Here’s a guide on how to free up space on your iPhone after iOS 17 update.

Methods to Free Up Space on Your iPhone

Over time, your iPhone collects a significant amount of redundant data and trash due to everyday use. This can lead to quickly running out of storage. To ensure your iPhone remains responsive and clutter-free, it’s crucial to consistently remove old and unneeded files. This not only prevents storage issues but also optimizes your device’s performance. Here are some effective methods to declutter and maximize your iPhone’s storage:

Delete Unwanted Apps

A simple way to reclaim space on your iPhone is by deleting unused apps. Here’s how to do it:

  • Press and hold an app icon until it wiggles, then tap the minus sign (-) or “Delete App.”
To Free up space on iPhone Delete Unwanted Apps from Homescreen
  • Alternatively, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to view apps by storage usage. Tap on the app you don’t want and select “Delete App.”
To Free up space on iPhone Delete Unwanted Apps from Settings

Offload Unused Apps

This feature removes the app but keeps its data, so you can reinstall it later without loss. Head to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and tap on “Offload Unused Apps.”

To Free up space on iPhone Offload Unused Apps

Clear Safari Cache

Your browsing data adds up over time. To clear: Open Safari > Tap the History button > Clear. This removes browsing history, cookies, and cache.

How to Empty Websites Trash

Empty the “Recently Deleted” Album

Deleted photos and videos move to the “Recently Deleted” album for 30 days. To delete immediately: Open Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted > Select > Choose items > Delete.

Empty Trash from Photos on iPhone

Optimize Photos Storage

High-quality media can consume a lot of space. To manage: Go to Settings > Photos > Optimize iPhone Storage. This saves a lower-quality version on your iPhone, with the original in iCloud.

Empty Photos Trash on iPhone

Empty Trash in Notes

Launch Notes > “Recently Deleted” folder > Empty Trash. You can also delete notes individually.

Empty trash from Notes on iPhone

Clear Trash in the Apple Files App

Go to Files App > Browse > Recently Deleted > Select items > Delete. You can choose to delete all files at once.

Clear Apple Files app Trash on iPhone

Empty Voice Memos Trash

Open Voice Memos > Top-left Back Button > Recently Deleted > Edit > Delete All.

How to Empty Trash from Voice Memos

Clear Trash in Apple Mail

Open Mail > Mailboxes > Trash > Edit. You can delete emails individually or select all and then delete.

How to Monitor Your iPhone’s Storage:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap on General.
  • Select iPhone Storage.

After a brief loading time, you’ll see a graph showing the storage used by different apps.

How to Delete offload Apps

Regularly clearing out unnecessary files ensures a smoother iPhone experience and prevents those pesky low-storage alerts. Keep an eye on your iPhone Storage in Settings and take action when needed.

We hope this guide assists you in decluttering your iPhone. Let us know in the comments how much space you freed up!

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