How To Change Alarm Sound On iPhone [iOS 17]

How To Change Alarm Sound On iPhone

If you don’t know how to change the custom alarm sound on your iPhone? Then you are in the right place. Changing the alarm sound on your iPhone can make waking up a more personalized experience. With iOS 17, you now have more flexibility and options to change the alarm sound.

In this blog post, I will show you how to customize your alarm sound on iPhone running iOS 17. Also, I covered changing the default alarm sound or setting a custom song as your alarm.

Quick Overview

To set a custom alarm sound on your iPhone with iOS 17, Open the Clock app > Select Alarm > Tap Sound > Choose to Pick a song > Select song from the Music library > Save. Now, your iPhone will wake you up with your chosen tune!

How To Change Alarm Sound On iPhone

Open the Clock app.

Open Clock on iPhone

Tap the Alarm tab.

Select Alarm Option in iPhone Clock

Select the alarm you want to modify or create a new one.

Select Set Alarm on iPhone

Tap Sound.

Open Sound Option in iPhone Alarm

Choose your desired alarm sound from the list.

Set default song as a sound on iPhone Alarm

Tap Back and then Save.

Save Alarm Settings on iPhone

How To Set Custom Alarm Sound On iPhone

With iOS 17, you can even set a custom sound, like a favorite song or a personal recording, as your alarm sound.

Open the Clock app and go to the Alarm tab.

Open Clock on iPhone

Choose an existing alarm or create a new one.

Select Set Alarm on iPhone

Tap on Sound.

Open Sound Option in iPhone Alarm

Look for the “Pick a song” option above the list of default sounds and select it.

Select Pick A Song option on iPhone Alarm

Browse your music library to find and select the desired song. You can search by song, artist, or album.

Select Song from Apple Music to set on your iPhone Alarm

After selecting the song, tap “Back” and then “Save“.

Save Alarm Settings on iPhone

Your alarm will now play the chosen custom song as the alarm sound.


Will Do Not Disturb Silence Alarm

No, Do Not Disturb does not silence alarms. Alarms will still sound even if Do Not Disturb is enabled.

How To Make Alarm Louder On iPhone

To increase the volume of the alarm on your iPhone, adjust the device’s volume settings through the Settings app or use the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone.

How To Put a Song as Your Alarm for Free

You can set a song as your alarm without any cost. Simply access the Clock app, choose the Alarm tab, and select a song from your music library to use as your alarm sound.

Will My Alarm Go off if I’m on the phone?

Your alarm will still sound even if you’re engaged in a phone call. The alarm will play through the iPhone’s speakers.

How to Delete All Alarms on iPhone

To remove all alarms from your iPhone, open the Clock app, navigate to the Alarm tab, tap Edit in the upper left corner, then use the red “-” symbol next to each alarm to delete them. Finally, tap Done in the upper right corner to save the changes.

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