How to Hide iOS 17 iMessage Apps on Your iPhone

How to Hide iOS 17 iMessage Apps on Your iPhone

Are you annoyed by the new iOS 17 iMessage apps appearing in your Messages app? You’ve come to the right place; I’ll show you how to hide iOS 17 iMessage Apps on your iPhone with just one click.

Many iPhone users find these apps from iMessage frustrating. If you’re facing the same problem, let’s dive into the post and find out how to permanently hide this app from your iPhone.

With the release of Apple’s iOS 17 update, iMessage got several new features, including revamped app drawer styles, check-in capabilities, automatically deleting verification codes in iMessage, and contact posters.

What are iOS 17 iMessage Apps?

iOS 17 iMessage apps are nothing more than your downloaded App Store apps displayed here for sharing data with other iPhone users via iMessage. You can play Pigeon Games, share tunes on Apple Music, send your current location, and other third-party apps that you’ve already downloaded from the App Store.

In iOS 16, you may have noticed a white vintage footer app drawer bar in your iPhone iMessage apps, which has been replaced in iOS 17 with a side app drawer.

How to Hide iOS 17 iMessage Apps?

Hiding apps in iMessage after the latest iOS 17 Beta 6 and iOS 17 Public Beta 4 updates is a breeze. Simply upgrade your iPhone to the latest beta version to hide unwanted apps from Messages. Follow these steps with me:

  • Open your iPhone’s Settings app and tap on Messages.
Open messages settings on iPhone
  • Click on “iMessage Apps” and open it.
open iMessage Apps settings on iPhone
  • Toggle off the button for each app that you want to hide from the Messages app.
Turn off iMessage Apps from settings
  • Once done, go to your iPhone’s Messages app.
open iPhone iMessages App
  • Select a conversation and click on the + icon at the bottom left corner. That’s it! Your iOS 17 iMessage apps are now hidden from the app drawer.
Before and After iMessages Apps in App Drawer


Can I hide specific iMessage apps or do I have to hide all of them?

You can choose to hide specific iMessage apps according to your preference. By following the provided steps, you can toggle off individual apps that you want to hide.

Will hiding iMessage apps delete them from my iPhone?

No, hiding iMessage apps will not delete them from your iPhone. It simply removes them from the iMessage app drawer, but you can still access them as standalone apps on your device.

Can I restore hidden iMessage apps if I change my mind?

Yes, you can easily restore hidden iMessage apps by following the same steps and toggling the button on for each app you want to unhide.

Can I hide the new app drawer in iOS 17?

As of the latest iOS 17 updates, the app drawer itself can’t be entirely hidden. However, you can minimize its appearance by hiding individual iMessage apps that you don’t want to see.

Wrap Up…

I hope this quick tip helps you hide apps on your iPhone’s Messages app and eliminates your frustration. If your device still doesn’t show the Hide feature on your iPhone, I would recommend upgrading your iOS 17 version to the latest build.

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