How to Lock Notes on iPhone with iOS 17

The iPhone Notes app is a handy tool to jot down your important thoughts, details, or to-do lists. But sometimes, you might want to keep certain details secret. Here’s how you can make sure your private notes stay that way by using the “Lock Notes” feature in iOS 17.

If you’re a student or professional, you might even use it for school assignments or work projects. But remember, if any of the content you’ve added is sensitive or private, it’s smart to use the lock feature. This ensures that both your personal and business information remains secure and confidential.

What are Lock Notes?

Lock Notes is a cool feature in the Notes app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It lets you shield your notes with a password, Face ID, or Touch ID. That means only you (or anyone you authorize) can peek inside. So, your private stuff, like passwords or secret plans, stays private.

Setting Up a Password for Notes

In iOS 17, besides Face ID and Touch ID, you can choose between a passcode or a more complex password to lock your notes.

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Go to Notes.
  • Tap Password.
  • If you’re doing this for the first time, choose Use Custom Password.
How to Set Up a Custom password for Notes on iPhone in iOS 16
  • Type a solid password.
  • Confirm it.
  • Add a hint. Just don’t make it too easy!
  • If you like, turn on Use Face ID or Use Touch ID.
  • Hit Done at the top right.
How to Set Up a Custom password for Notes on iPhone

How to Lock Your Notes

You can lock a note two ways: before opening it or after.

Method 1: Lock Without Opening Notes

  • Open Notes.
  • Press and hold the note you want to lock.
  • Choose Lock Note.
How to lock notes on iPhone

Now, you’ll see a lock symbol next to your note. It’ll be locked the next time you open the app.

Method 2: Lock After Opening Notes

  • Launch Notes.
  • Open the note to lock.
  • Tap the three dots (More option) on the top right.
  • Pick Lock Note.
  • If you haven’t set a password before, you’ll need to do that now.
How to lock notes on iPhone 14

To unlock a note, just tap on it and use your password, Face ID, or Touch ID.

How to Change Notes Password

  • Go to Settings > Notes > Password.
  • Choose Change Password.
  • Put in the old one, then set the new one.
How to change notes password on iPhone

How to Reset Notes Password

  • Head to Settings > Notes > Password.
  • Tap Reset Password.
  • Confirm with your Apple ID password.
  • Set a new one.
How to Reset Notes Password on iPhone

How to Open Locked iPhone Notes

  • Open Notes.
  • Tap the locked note.
  • Select View Note.
  • Enter your password.
How to open a locked note on iPhone

How to Remove Lock from Notes

Method 1: Without opening the note

  • Launch Notes.
  • Press and hold the note.
  • Pick Remove Lock.
  • Type in your password.
How to Remove the lock from a note on iPhone

Method 2: After opening the note

  • Start Notes.
  • Open the note.
  • Tap the three dots on the top right.
  • Choose Remove.
  • Input your password.
How to Remove the lock from a note on iPhone 14

How to Recover Locked Notes on iPhone

If you accidentally trash a locked note or need an old one:

  • Go to Settings > Your Profile > iCloud.
  • Choose iCloud Backup.
  • Check your last backup date. If it’s recent enough, restore your iPhone from that backup.
How to Recover Locked Notes on iPhone


Securing your notes on the iPhone is crucial for privacy. With this guide, you know how to lock, unlock, change passwords, and even get back lost locked notes. Just follow these steps, and your private notes will be safe.


How to Open Locked Notes on iPhone Without Password.

Sorry, you can’t unlock it directly without a password. But you can reset your password. Just check the “Resetting Your Notes Password” part above.

How to Lock Notes Folder on iPhone

Right now, the Notes app doesn’t let you lock a whole folder. But you can lock each note in the folder individually.

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