Latest MIUI 14 Update Download [July 2023]

Xiaomi is a famous Chinese smartphone brand and recently released the latest firmware version called MIUI 14. This update was released in December 2022 and is available for Mi, Redmi, and POCO smartphones in different regions. MIUI 14 is the successor to MIUI 13 and brings various improvements in performance, battery life, and user interface.

You can find the latest MIUI 14 update download links for your device in the list below. This page provides all the necessary information on downloading MIUI 14 updates on Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO phones with all download links. Just make sure you download the correct update for your specific phone model.

This page is updated daily and was last updated in July 2023. Bookmark this page for the latest MIUI 14 updates for your smartphone.

MIUI 14 Download Links

DeviceMIUI 14 VersionDownload ROM
Xiaomi Pad 6V14.0.5.0 TMZCNXMDownload
Xiaomi Pad 6 ProV14.0.3.0 TMYCNXMDownload
Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro Wi-FiV14.0.3.0 TKYCNXMDownload
Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 5GV14.0.2.0 TKZCNXMDownload
Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4V14.0.8.0 TLZCNXMDownload
Xiaomi Pad 5V14.0.3.0 TKYCNXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 TKXMIXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TKXINXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TKXRUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKXTWXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKXTRXMDownload
Xiaomi Mix Fold 2V14.0.9.0 TLRCNXM Download
Xiaomi Mix FoldV14.0.1.0 TJTCNXMDownload
Xiaomi Mix 4V14.0.4.0 TKMCNXMDownload
Xiaomi Mi 11XV14.0.3.0 TKHINXMDownload
Xiaomi Mi 11X ProV14.0.3.0 TKKINXMDownload
Xiaomi Mi 10V14.0.1.0 TJBEUXMDownload
V14.0.6.0 TJBINXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TJBMIXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TJBCNXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TJBTRXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TJBIDXMDownload
Xiaomi Mi 10SV14.0.4.0 TGACNXMDownload
Xiaomi Mi 10i / Mi 10T-LiteV14.0.1.0 SJSTWXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 SJSEUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 SJSINXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 SJSTRXMDownload
Xiaomi Mi 10T / 10T ProV14.0.1.0 SJDMIXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 SJDRUXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 SJDIDXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 SJDTWXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 SJDTRXMDownload
Xiaomi CIVI 3V14.0.5.0 TMICNXMDownload
Xiaomi CIVI 2 /13 LiteV14.0.1.0 TLLTWXMDownload
V14.0.13.0 SLLEUXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TLLMIXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 SLLRUXMDownload
Xiaomi CIVI 1SV14.0.4.0 TLPCNXMDownload
Xiaomi CIVIV14.0.2.0 TKVCNXMDownload
Xiaomi 13 UltraV14.0.10.0 TMACNXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TMARUXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TMAEUXMDownload
Xiaomi 13 ProV14.0.9.0 TMBMIXMDownload
V14.0.24.0 TMBCNXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TMBTRXMDownload
V14.0.22.0 TMBEUXMDownload
V14.0.8.0 TMBINXMDownload
V14.0.6.0 TMBTWXMDownload
V14.0.6.0 TMBRUXMDownload
Xiaomi 13 LiteV14.0.3.0 SLLTRXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 SLLTWXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 SLLRUXMDownload
V14.0.10.0 SLLEUXMDownload
Xiaomi 13V14.0.22.0 TMCEUXMDownload
V14.0.7.0 TMCMIXMDownload
V14.0.5.0 TMCRUXMDownload
V14.0.27.0 TMCCNXMDownload
V14.0.6.0 TMCTWXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TMCTRXMDownload
Xiaomi 12XV14.0.4.0 TLDMIXMDownload
V14.0.9.0 TLDCNXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TLDEUXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TLDRUXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 TLDTWXMDownload
Xiaomi 12T ProV14.0.2.0 TLFMIXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TLFRUXMDownload
V14.0.12.0 TLFEUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TLFTWXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TLFTRXMDownload
Xiaomi 12TV14.0.4.0 TLQMIXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TLQRUXMDownload
V14.0.10.0 TLQEUXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TLQIDXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 TLQTWXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TLQTRXMDownload
Xiaomi 12S UltraV14.0.12.0 TLACNXMDownload
Xiaomi 12S ProV14.0.8.0 TLECNXMDownload
Xiaomi 12SV14.0.8.0 TLTCNXMDownload
Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity EditionV14.0.7.0 TLGCNXMDownload
Xiaomi 12 ProV14.0.2.0 TLBINXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TLBTRXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TLBIDXMDownload
V14.0.13.0 TLBCNXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TLBRUXMDownload
V14.0.13.0 TLBEUXMDownload
V14.0.7.0 TLBMIXMDownload
Xiaomi 12 LiteV14.0.4.0 TLIMIXMDownload
V14.0.13.0 TLIEUXMDownload
V14.0.8.0 TLITWXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 TLITRXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 TLIIDXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 TLIRUXMDownload
Xiaomi 12V14.0.2.0 TLCMIXMDownload
V14.0.7.0 TLCEUXMDownload
Xiaomi 11T ProV14.0.4.0 TKDMIXMDownload
V14.0.8.0 TKDEUXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TKDJPXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TKDTWXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKDTRXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TKDRUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKDIDXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TKDINXMDownload
Xiaomi 11TV14.0.3.0 TKWMIXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKWTWXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKWIDXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKWTRXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKWEUXMDownload
Xiaomi 11iV14.0.5.0 TKKMIXMDownload
Xiaomi 11i HyperchargeV14.0.4.0 TKTINXMDownload
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NEV14.0.3.0 TKOMIXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TKOTWXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TKOTRXMDownload
V14.0.8.0 TKOCNXMDownload
V14.0.5.0 TKOINXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TKORUXMDownload
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5GV14.0.4.0 TKIMIXMDownload
V14.0.9.0 TKICNXMDownload
V14.0.6.0 TKIEUXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 TKIRUXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 TKITWXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKIJPXMDownload
Xiaomi 11 Lite 4GV14.0.3.0 TKQMIXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKQEUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKQIDXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKQINXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TKQRUXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TKQTRXMDownload
Xiaomi 11 ProV14.0.2.0 TKAMIXMDownload
Xiaomi 11V14.0.1.0 TKBRUXMDownload
V14.0.9.0 TKBCNXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TKBIDXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKBTWXMDownload
Xiaomi 10 ProV14.0.3.0 TJAEUXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TJACNXMDownload
V14.0.5.0 TJAMIXMDownload
Xiaomi 10 UltraV14.0.1.0 TJJCNXMDownload
Redmi A2 / A2+ / POCO C51V14.0.10.0 TGOMIXMDownload
Redmi PadV14.0.5.0 TLYCNXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TLYMIXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TLYRUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TLYEUXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TLYINXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TLYIDXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TLYTWXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TLYTRXMDownload
Redmi Note 9 Pro MaxV14.0.2.0 SJXINXMDownload
Redmi Note 9 ProV14.0.1.0 SJZIDXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 SJZEUXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 SJZMIXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 SJZTWXMDownload
Redmi Note 9TV14.0.3.0 SJEMIXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 SJEEUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 SJERUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 SJETWXMDownload
Redmi Note 9SV14.0.3.0 SJWMIXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 SJWINXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 SJWEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 9 5GV14.0.2.0 SJECNXMDownload
Redmi Note 9 4GV14.0.2.0 SJQCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 8V14.0.4.0 TCUMIXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TCUEUXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 TCURUXMDownload
Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed EditionV14.0.6.0 SMSMIXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TMSCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 12 Pro / Pro+V14.0.3.0 SMOMIXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 SMOTRXMDownload
V14.0.10.0 SMOEUXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 SMOCNXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 SMOINXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 SMOIDXMDownload
V14.0.5.0 SMORUXMDownload
Redmi Note 12T ProV14.0.3.0 TLHCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 12 TurboV14.0.19.0 TMRCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 12SV14.0.1.0 THZTRXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 THZEUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 THZMIXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 THZRUXMDownload
Redmi Note 12 5GV14.0.1.0 SMQTWXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 TMQCNXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TMQMIXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TMQEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 12 4GV14.0.5.0 TMTINXMDownload
V14.0.6.0 TMTMIXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TMGRUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TMTTRXMDownload
Redmi Note 12 4G NFCV14.0.4.0 TMGMIXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TMGIDXMDownload
V14.0.8.0 TMGEUXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TMGRUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11T 5GV14.0.0.12 TGBCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 11T Pro / Pro+V14.0.4.0 TLOMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5GV14.0.4.0 TKTMIXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKTTRXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4GV14.0.1.0 TGDEUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TGDMIXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TGDINXMDownload
Redmi Note 11RV14.0.2.0 TLSCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 11E ProV14.0.1.0 TKCCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 11EV14.0.3.0 TLSCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 11SV14.0.2.0 TGLEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11S 4G / POCO M4 Pro 4GV14.0.3.0 TKEEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 10SV14.0.2.0 TKLMIXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKLINXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKLIDXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TKLRUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKLEUXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TKLTWXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TKLTRXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 Pro 5GV14.0.5.0 TKPCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 Pro MaxV14.0.1.0 TKFINXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 ProV14.0.2.0 TKFMIXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKFIDXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TKFRUXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TKFTRXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 / 10T 5GV14.0.1.0 TKSEUXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TKSMIXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKSINXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TKSIDXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 LiteV14.0.2.0 SJWINRFDownload
Redmi Note 10TV14.0.7.0 TKNJPXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 5GV14.0.4.0 TKSIDXMDownload
Redmi Note 10V14.0.3.0 SKGMIXMDownload
V14.0.5.0 SKGEUXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 SKGRUXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 SKGINXMDownload
Redmi K60 ProV14.0.23.0 TMKCNXMDownload
Redmi K60EV14.0.1.0 TMMCNXMDownload
Redmi K60V14.0.22.0 TMNCNXMDownload
Redmi K50 UltraV14.0.8.0 TLFCNXMDownload
Redmi K50 ProV14.0.10.0 TLKCNXMDownload
Redmi K50 Gaming EditionV14.0.9.0 TLJCNXMDownload
Redmi K50V14.0.6.0 TLNCNXMDownload
Redmi K40SV14.0.2.0 TLMMIXMDownload
Redmi K40 Pro / Pro+V14.0.5.0 TKKCNXMDownload
Redmi K40 GamingV14.0.3.0 TKJCNXMDownload
Redmi K40V14.0.5.0 TKHCNXMDownload
Redmi K30S UltraV14.0.5.0 SJDCNXMDownload
Redmi K30 ProV14.0.4.0 SJKCNXMDownload
Redmi 11 Prime 5G / POCO M4 5GV14.0.4.0 TLSINXMDownload
Redmi 10 5G / POCO M4V14.0.3.0 TLSMIXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TLSINXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TLSRUXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TLSTWXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TLSTRXMDownload
Redmi 9TV14.0.3.0 SJQMIXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 SJQEUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 SJQIDXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 SJQTWXMDownload
Redmi 9 PowerV14.0.2.0 SJQINXMDownload
Redmi Note 12 5GV14.0.2.0 SMQMIXMDownload
POCO X5 Pro 5GV14.0.7.0 SMSMIXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TMSEUXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TMSINXMDownload
V14.0.8.0 SMSRUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TMSTWXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 SMSTRXMDownload
POCO X5 5GV14.0.2.0 TMPEUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TMPINXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TMPMIXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TMPTRXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TMPTWXMDownload
POCO X4 GTV14.0.1.0 TLOMIXMDownload
POCO X3 ProV14.0.3.0 TJUMIXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TJUEUXMDownload
POCO X3 NFCV14.0.1.0 SJGMIXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 SJGEUXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 SJGIDXMDownload
POCO X3 GTV14.0.2.0 TKPMIXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKPIDXMDownload
POCO M5SV14.0.2.0 TFFMIXMDownload
POCO M5V14.0.7.0 TLUMIXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TLURUXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TLUTWXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 TLUTRXMDownload
POCO F5 ProV14.0.6.0 TMNEUXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 TMNMIXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TMNTWXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TMNTRXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TMNRUXMDownload
POCO F5V14.0.3.0 TMRIDXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 TMRMIXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TMRINXMDownload
V14.0.6.0 TMREUXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TMRTWXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TMRTRXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TMRRUXMDownload
POCO F4 GTV14.0.2.0 TLJMIXMDownload
POCO F4V14.0.2.0 TLMMIXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 TLMINXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TLMEUXMDownload
V14.0.6.0 TLMIDXMDownload
V14.0.4.0 TLMRUXMDownload
V14.0.3.0 TLMTWXMDownload
POCO F3 GTV14.0.3.0 TKJINXMDownload
POCO F3V14.0.4.0 TKHMIXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKHTWXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 TKHRUXMDownload
POCO F2 ProV14.0.1.0 SJKMIXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 SJKIDXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 SJKRUXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 SJKTRXMDownload
POCO M3V14.0.2.0 SJFMIXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 SJFEUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 SJFINXMDownload
V14.0.1.0 SJFRUXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 SJFIDXMDownload
V14.0.2.0 SJFTWXMDownload
POCO M2 ProV14.0.3.0 SJPINXMDownload

What’s New in MIUI 14?

  • The number of system apps is reduced to 8
  • 23% Increase in performance compare to MIUI 13
  • New camera features and enhancements
  • Improved privacy and security features
  • New visual design with updated icons and animations
  • Floating windows for multitasking
  • Redesign: Notes, File Manager, Settings, Game Turbo, Theme Manager, Security, and other system apps.

How to Install MIUI 14 Updates

Before downloading any ROM, ensure that your device is compatible with MIUI 14 and is eligible for the update. To download the latest MIUI Version, follow these steps:

  • Download the MIUI update package from the above links.
  • Go to phone Settings > About Phone > MIUI Version. Click on the “settings icon” button in the top right corner and select “Choose update package“.
  • Locate the MIUI update package and select it.
  • The device will verify the update package and begin the installation process.
  • Wait for the update to install and it may take several minutes.
  • Once the update is installed, your device will restart and you will be able to start using the MIUI 14 new version.

Note: Please check the appropriate MIUI update files according to your Xiaomi device code name and region. Manually installing MIUI updates can be dangerous and can damage your device if not done correctly. My personal recommendation for beginners is to always use OTA (over-the-air) updates.

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