How to enable iOS 16 Lock Screen for Android?

How to enable iOS 16 lock screen for Android

Can you find the iOS 16 lock screen for Android smartphones? You are at the right place here, I will advise you on how to customize your Android phone to look like an Apple iPhone.

Apple recently launched the iPhone 14 series with iOS 16. With iOS 16, many interesting features were introduced such as a dynamic island, SOS satellites, new iPhone 14 Pro wallpaper, Always on Display, car crash detection, and a new Action mode.

Enable iOS 16 lock screen for Android

So far, no Android phones support lock screen widgets, so we use some apps to makeover the smartphone lock screen and convert it to the iOS 16 styles. All the steps are very easy and work on all Android phones with Android 8 or above versions.

The following steps help to enable the new lock screen on Android phones.

  • Download and Install the “iLock Lockscreen iOS 16” app from Google Playstore and allowed all the permission to run the app flawlessly.
Download and Install the iLock Lockscreen iOS 16 app from Google Playstore
  • After opening the app you need to turn on the “Enable Lock Screen” and “Password” to run the app in the background.
Step 1 for enable iOS 16 Lock screen for android
  • Next Click on the Wallpaper >> Add New Wallpaper >> Gallery. For applying new wallpaper on the lock screen, you need to tap on the Photo icon at the very bottom left side. Choose your image from your phone gallery and set it to full screen.
Step 2 for enable iOS 16 Lock screen for android
  • Now, an interesting feature comes in to picture. You can customize even more on the lock screen by tapping on the Clock, Date, and iOS 16 widgets section.
Step 3 for enable iOS 16 Lock screen for android
  • Press back button of your phone and click on the latest Lock screen styles. After that press “Use as Lock Screen” button to set new iOS 16 lockscreen for Android.
Step 4 for enable iOS 16 Lock screen for android

Some additional features: Swipe down to enable iOS notifications and Play music in the background to display the music widget on the lock screen.

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This is the simplest guide to enabling the iOS 16 lock screen for Android devices. If you find any issues, comment below the post, and I will try to fix your issue as soon as possible.


Does the iOS 16 Lockscreen app harm my device?

No, this is a simple app just like any other app. Which provides some additional features to tweak your Android phone’s lock screen and turn it into an Apple iPhone pattern.

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